AP World History

Mahatma Gandhi

Tom Richey explains the new DBQ rubric

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Part 2

Part 3

New DBQ Rubric

New LEQ Rubrics

SAQ guide

Power Points_ extra ones

The Travels of Ibn Battuta

Arabic translators did far more than just preserve Greek philosophy

The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 | Documentary on the Spanish Flu Pandemic in the United States

Food Timeline

New World Foods

European and Old Food recipes

The Ten Best Chicago Restraurants

Images of the Columbian Exchange

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Filial Piety

Pyramid Game

The Story of India

The Silk Road-Ted talk

Silk Road Virtual Tour

Silk Road resources

History vs. Genghis Khan - Alex Gendler

The First World War- Story of a Global Conflict

Asian Studies

China: A Century of Revolution 1911-1949 Part 1

Pronunciation Guide


Sepoy Rebellion

Zheng He-film

Map quizze

Latin American Icon Simon Bolivar Gets Biopic Treatment In 'Liberator'  

THE LIBERATOR (2014) Official HD Trailer

The Children Who Built Victorian Britain

People's Century Part 02 1914 Killing Fields

World War 1 Global

Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War

Smart History-Great art history website

Guns, Germs and Steel- PBS  websit

China Sites
Terra Cotta Warriors

The Forbidden City

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Eyewitness to History


The History Learning Site

 Mesoamerican Ball Game

 'A History of the World in 100 Objects'

 Interactive Maps

Animated Maps
World Regions

Test your geography knowledge

Mongols in World History

Mongol Timeline

Genghis Khan

Viking Quest -We will do this as an assignment in class. It is NOT for extra credit.

Religions of the World

Reporting on a Thousand Years in The Economist

Indian Ocean History

Miniature Earth Project

World Religions

Regents Prep for Global Studies-This site has very good information which you may download. The religion section is especially good. There are review questions too.

Global Studies Sites - This site has everything for global studies.

History Teacher.net - This is an excellent site for all history classes.

Chinese Dynasty Review

Get a Chinese Name

The Agricultural Revolution

Art History Resources

Women in World History

Interactive Sites

N.Y. Times News Quiz

Pronunciation Guide with audio-This site will tell you how to say many of the difficult words of AP World History

Links for  End of the Year Project

AP World History Project Directions
Project Rubric

Semester at Sea
World History Fact Book
Lonely Planet
Yahoo Travel
Windows on the World

World Atlas



History of China Review


The Story of Africa - Students can read sections on line, listen to recordings, and view images from early history to post WWII Independence movements.

Study strategies

Political Cartoons -Daily political cartoons from around the world.