Advanced Placement Art History


Themes of AP Art History

Power and Authority, art (including architecture) that conveys this concept
Human Form in Art, works that exemplify the idea of beauty
Narrative Art, how the work is adapted to emphasize the function or symbolism of the narrative
Human Experience, how the art represents or describes human interaction with nature or the perception of nature/violence/rituals/propaganda/social classes
Art in Context, art that has a specific and meaningful location or function

Art in Society, art that describes or reflects societal traditions
Artist is subject-Artist includes himself/herself as a witness to a narrative event
Art of Making Art- Revolutionary treatment of pictorial space, creation of movement and tension in battle scenes, color used to express an idea or a mood, dramatic contrast of dark and light to enhance the dramatic tension of a narrative, adaptation of a newly discovered or invented medium or technique
Places as Reservoirs of memories-Burial grounds in a culture, sacred places such as churches or temples, memorials to dead.


3 D Guernica

 Review Power-Points
AP Review Power Point Part 1a-Chapters 1-4
AP Review Power Point Part 1b-Chapter 5
AP Review Power-point Part 2
Etruscan Art to Islamic Art
AP Review Power-point Part 3
Early Medieval Art to Gothic Art
Renaissance Review-Part 1
Renaissance Review Part 2
Northern Renaissance
Baroque Art
Dutch Baroque
French Art-1661-1770
Changes in 18th Century European Art
Neoclassical Art
Realism and Photography
Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
Other 19th Century Art
19th Century Architecture
20th Century European Art
American Art 1913-1950
Art Between the Wars
Later 20th-21st Century Art (1945-present)
20th Century Architecture
Art of the Americas
Themes in Art History





Early Photography: Making Daguerreotypes


Calotype Paper Photographic Process


Monty Python-Art Gallery Strikes


Monty Python-The Last Supper


 Van Gogh

Smart History

Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii

Art History in the Movies

Western Civilization Website

History power points for background information

AP Art History powerpoints

The Caves of Lascaux

Final Project

Final Project Rubric

Greek gods

Treasures of Heaven

Art Across Time

Our Greek Temples

The unexpected math behind Van Gogh's "Starry Night" - Natalya St. Clair